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Michael Jackson: Pop and Style Icon

June 26, 2009

Today’s blog is dedicated to the many fashionable ensembles of the man himself. Despite people’s mixed emotions on the life of Michael Jackson one thing is certain- he was, and will remain, a pop icon. Not only was he legendary in the music and dance world he was also a style icon. So many images come to mind of his amazing amazing costumes. Not to mention that his wardrobe for the London tour was confirmed to be embellished with over 300,000 swarovski crystals in more than 53 shapes, 40 sizes and 27 colors, and frankly I’d have expected nothing less from the King of Pop.


Upon reviewing photos to use for the post I realized how many of his wardrobe pieces from back in the day are now in fashion. Peg leg pants, military detailing, sequin jackets, epaulettes, structured shoulders… it’s amazing really. I suppose Balmain and Givenchy really took note of those previous costumes. I was planning to attend one of the shows in London– and had already decided what I’d wear to this once in a lifetime show! Needless to say I’m absolutely gutted to hear of his death :[

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