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Budget Friendly Way to Update Your Summer Look

June 2, 2009

Sometime during college I started painting my nails black– before it became trendy and when people still thought you were a little off for doing it. I loved the darker look, I always felt like it gave a glimse into the darker side of my persona. After a few years black took off as being ever-so-popular so I switched to navy blue– Chanel Blue Satin to be exact. It was actually a gift from my wonderful boyfriend- he picked up two bottles for me as a surprise. Occassionally I would abandon my darker colors for OPI’s samoan sand, which is this gorgeous creamy shade that I’ve been wearing on and off since about 2003. (Another great creamy option is Chanel’s Allegoria.) Why am I telling you all this? Because this week I decided that I wanted to brighten my look with a nice coral shade- and I’ve been so happy wearing my new color that I just had to share! Changing your nail color can really create and entirely new mood and make your clothes look different against them. I know it seems like a stretch, but trust me it’s true. Example: wearing all black clothing and black nails looks different from wearing all black clothing with bright coral nails. And this lovely change to your wardrobe comes cheap! Nail polish can be bought for as little as a dollar– I’ve included a few options here priced to$25.

essie carousel coral

Essie Carousel Coral

E.L.F. Fire Coral

E.L.F. Fire Coral

OPI Conga Line Coral

OPI Conga Line Coral

Chanel LA Sunset

Chanel LA Sunset

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