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Alexander Wang Tank Top

February 18, 2009

Most of you probably know that I love to design clothing! Most of the time though the designs stay in my mind because I don’t always have access to making them. Last summer though I spent some quality time with my mom making a few items that I was DYING FOR, but couldn’t find in the stores. One of them was a silk tank top with a pocket. Yesterday I saw online that Alexander Wang has the exact same design! Obviously, it’s not the craziest design or most difficult, but I honestly couldn’t find a single top to match that description last summer and now I see this. Literally my shirt could pass as his as they are cut precisely the same, even in the back! I was quite excited to see this as he’s such an amazing designer, but sad at the same time because I got so many compliments on that top and I don’t want everyone else having the same one! Well to be fair, not everyone will splurge on an Alexander Wang silk tank top, but it’s only time before that design trickles down to the more affordable brands! I also made a dress version of this top which I got even more compliments on. If I find pics of me in this top I’ll post them as well :]

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