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Leyendecker — Brand I’m LOVING

January 13, 2009

So, perhaps I should say brand I’ve been loving as this isn’t exactly a new find. I originally loved them for their buckle bottom leggings, but as anyone close to me knows– I am a sucker for anything silk. This appeared to be the fabric of choice for their Departure (Holiday 08 ) line. The designs were feminine– simple and delicate– yet show stopping due to their palette of gorgeous colors! The best part is, most (if not all) of the Departure pieces can be found on sale online!

Unfortunately for me there aren’t any stockists this side of the pond, but thanks to the marvels of the internet I can order anything I want from the US and within about a week it shows up at my doorstep… well actually at the porter’s office. I like signing for my packages, but now I have someone who signs for me. Not the worst thing that could happen, but I think everyone knows the joy I speak of when you see that UPS/DHL truck coming down your driveway…

Here are some photos of the La Rive Gauche collection. I love the nomad cardi and hedonist tee! Yes, I’m still obsessed with fringe :]

I’m hating that I can’t find the gold Klimt dress in my size!! Isn’t it just gorgeous?!

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