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Booties on a Budget

August 18, 2009

The most “fierce” contestant to ever grace Project Runway has teamed up with Payless to do a line of uber-affordable shoes. Yes ladies, I’m talking about Christian Siriano! The shoes are available in store and online and all cost below $45. I’ve not yet seen the shoes in person, but I did see a pair of booties that were leaked on the internet a couple of months ago and they looked pretty promising– especially for under $45!

CSbootThis was my favorite pair from the collection, think I might just have to head over to my local Payless to see if they’ve got these babies in stock!


Escada Filing Bankruptcy?!

August 17, 2009

I was shocked to hear that German luxury label Escada has filed bankruptcy. Declining sales in recent years as well as an inability to obtain sufficient financing has apparently left the company without any other option. Fashion powerhouses Armani and Versace are rumored to be in discussion of bankruptcy as well. When such large haute couture brands are having serious financial difficulties you know times are rough! So ladies, take note and spend your money wisely. Filing bankruptcy will never be fashionable!


Beyonce’s Concert Wardrobe

July 8, 2009

So I can’t even believe that I forgot to blog about the Beyonce concert! My in-laws were gracious enough to get us 4th row tickets to the show at the O2, thus I got to see all the outfits up close and personal! The costumes were AMAZING and I don’t think that she wore a single one that I didn’t want for myself! She started the show in a gorgeous nude colored sparkly number with a massive bow on the back. It was at this very moment that I realized I was meant to be a performer, but sadly was born without a talent. I need these costumes. I especially loved the all white look with the cape and structured shoulders, as well as the black (rubber/plastic/latex/whatever material it was) mini dress. Here are a few photos I took at the show :]




bey4P1020368beymotobeyonce(added a couple pics that I found online as some of mine came out a wee bit dark)

Louis Vuitton Jacket

July 8, 2009

I’m sooooo in love with this Louis Vuitton jacket! If I had the cash for this it would be permanently affixed to my being. I can imagine wearing this SO MANY different ways.


Michael Jackson: Pop and Style Icon

June 26, 2009

Today’s blog is dedicated to the many fashionable ensembles of the man himself. Despite people’s mixed emotions on the life of Michael Jackson one thing is certain- he was, and will remain, a pop icon. Not only was he legendary in the music and dance world he was also a style icon. So many images come to mind of his amazing amazing costumes. Not to mention that his wardrobe for the London tour was confirmed to be embellished with over 300,000 swarovski crystals in more than 53 shapes, 40 sizes and 27 colors, and frankly I’d have expected nothing less from the King of Pop.


Upon reviewing photos to use for the post I realized how many of his wardrobe pieces from back in the day are now in fashion. Peg leg pants, military detailing, sequin jackets, epaulettes, structured shoulders… it’s amazing really. I suppose Balmain and Givenchy really took note of those previous costumes. I was planning to attend one of the shows in London– and had already decided what I’d wear to this once in a lifetime show! Needless to say I’m absolutely gutted to hear of his death :[

Budget Friendly Way to Update Your Summer Look

June 2, 2009

Sometime during college I started painting my nails black– before it became trendy and when people still thought you were a little off for doing it. I loved the darker look, I always felt like it gave a glimse into the darker side of my persona. After a few years black took off as being ever-so-popular so I switched to navy blue– Chanel Blue Satin to be exact. It was actually a gift from my wonderful boyfriend- he picked up two bottles for me as a surprise. Occassionally I would abandon my darker colors for OPI’s samoan sand, which is this gorgeous creamy shade that I’ve been wearing on and off since about 2003. (Another great creamy option is Chanel’s Allegoria.) Why am I telling you all this? Because this week I decided that I wanted to brighten my look with a nice coral shade- and I’ve been so happy wearing my new color that I just had to share! Changing your nail color can really create and entirely new mood and make your clothes look different against them. I know it seems like a stretch, but trust me it’s true. Example: wearing all black clothing and black nails looks different from wearing all black clothing with bright coral nails. And this lovely change to your wardrobe comes cheap! Nail polish can be bought for as little as a dollar– I’ve included a few options here priced to$25.

essie carousel coral

Essie Carousel Coral

E.L.F. Fire Coral

E.L.F. Fire Coral

OPI Conga Line Coral

OPI Conga Line Coral

Chanel LA Sunset

Chanel LA Sunset

MTV Movie Awards

June 1, 2009

After my brief hiatus I figured I’d kick off my comeback with a few photos of my favorite ensemble from MTV’s Movie Awards last night. While it might not be everyone else’s cup of tea I absolutely LOVED Leighton Meester’s dress so-very-much! I adore the cut-outs in this Emilio De La Morena dress, but I think I’d have ditched the Brian Atwood purple suede booties. The MTV awards is a perfect place to wear this less conservative and more daring look. I love how it’s such a stark contrast to her character Blair who always plays it safe when choosing her ensembles. Kudos to you Leighton for choosing this sexy little number.



Honorable mentions to Whitney Port in her white oragami dress with studded heels and Ashley Tisdale for that leather dress and those sexy sexy shoes!

Whitney Port

Whitney Port

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale